Is global de-dollarization an intentional & deliberate effort from within the USA? - Andy Schectman


Andy Schectman says there is a deliberate plot to destroy dollar/reserve currency status, and he blames Senile Joe's chief economic advisor, Jared Bernstein.

Also, fwiw, ,Jared has a BA in Music, and an MSW (social work)--clearly the right educational background for the position as Chief Economic Advisor.

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Also thought these w/Andy were worth a listen:

4 Signs the U.S. Dollar May Be Toast – Robert Kiyosaki, Kim Kiyosaki, Andy Schectman


Andy initially outlined all of this info with Jay Martin (Robert Kiyosako references this video and says he had all of his people listen several times):

Why Are Central Banks Around the World Hoarding Gold? With Andy Schectman


(as a metals dealer, he has access to insider info about what is going on behind the scenes, in terms of who is buying up the metals, so he can see the orchestrating and pre-planning going on by the insiders–connects lots of dots, financial and geopolitically)

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